Informative Breakfast – School of Management, Marketing Center

Date: 25 of february of 2020

Time: 7:00 am - 7:30 am

Place: Externadista House - Block I

At the meeting, the postgraduate Program Directors will resolve concerns regarding objectives, curriculum, duration, registration process, and requirements, among others.

Masters in Marketing

The Externado de Colombia University Marketing Center (School of Management) believes Marketing education should not only focus on the development of technical skills but also on critical thinking. Therefore, the future professional is trained, in greater depth, in the analysis of the practice and existing theories to make a corporate, strategic, and tactical analysis.

The above implies strengthening students’ analytical competences in the use of relevant qualitative and quantitative methodologies to explain marketing phenomena. Thus, students are expected to be able to create a marketing model entailing greater flexibility and integration with the consumer culture, positioning strategy, and financial objectives of the company.

Program differentiators:

• Greater number of credits which translates into greater depth of marketing strategic concepts.

• In the Plan Padrinos program, students put into practice, as consultants, their ability to diagnose and formulate viable solutions to business reality problems.

• Emphasis on Digital Marketing and Market Research.

• Different schedules adapted to work and family requirements.

• The Marketing Center has 20 years of experience training professionals in the Marketing area and a network of more than 1500 alumni.

• Elective courses may be pursued outside the country at leading universities abroad.

Specialization in Digital Experience Management

The digital consumer experience is a greatly important trend within the business environment to generate competitive value proposals. This program not only refers to the adoption of new

technologies for the generation of service experiences, but also to digital marketing, electronic commerce, and the development of new digital business models.

Program differentiators:

• The only specialization in digital experience.

• Focus on strategic management of digital marketing and digital transformation.

• Practical graduation work.

Specialization in Marketing Management

The Externado de Colombia University Marketing Center believes Marketing education should not only focus on the development of technical skills but also on critical thinking. Similarly, future professionals must be trained using existing practices and theories in a balanced way. This is how managers integrating the strategic and the tactical are trained. Students are expected to be able to create their marketing model encompassing respect for the environment, ethical values, and strategy.

A Marketing Management Specialist will be able to generate competitive strategies for organizational growth and create value proposals through a strategic marketing plan that will increase short and long term sales.

Program differentiators:

• Emphasis on Digital Marketing and Commercial Management.

• Our specialization graduates will be able to homologize subjects with the first module of the Master’s in Marketing, subject to certain conditions.

• Experience: Over 20 years of offering quality programs and professional growth of students in the labor market.

• Graduating work is carried out during the study of one subject, allowing to complete the program in an academic year.

Pedagogical Strategies used in the modules:

• Active methodologies:

Classes will cover the necessary tools to strengthen strategic decision-making processes.

• Use of business cases:

Students’ analytical and argumentative capacity is strengthened through real situations offered by Harvard cases.

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