Coffee without filter – “Challenges and opportunities for the future: the circular economy”

Fecha: 20 of september

Hora: 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Lugar: Por confirmar

Jerusalem Hernández, KPMG Spain, Director of risk and sustainability consulting, will offer the conference.

The School of Management, within the framework of its “Privilegios” (Privileges) program, invites its undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni to participate in the next “Coffee without filter” session on September 20, 2018, headed by Jerusalem Hernández Velasco.

According to our guest, it is important that those starting a business know about the extra-financial aspects to take into account and the opportunities presented by new models, such as the circular economy.

Who is Jerusalem Hernández?

She is the KPMG Spain, Director of risk and sustainability consulting. An expert in management of intangibles, she has extensive experience in the construction, evaluation, and management of corporate reputation and sustainability of large companies in Spain and Latin America.

The complex global environment today and the major challenges posed by the future demand a new way of doing business. With eyes on the opportunities, risks, trends, and expectations of the parties involved, Jerusalem develops methodologies that help businesses become more competitive and generate shared value in their operating environments.