Why COVID-19 will not be ‘Good’ for the environment

Fecha: 20 of august

Hora: 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Lugar: Zoom Virtual Platform

In the discourse surrounding the COVID-19 current situation, there exists a variety of related topics.

Among the discussions on vulnerability, social protection, and economics, is an argument stating that one of the main beneficiaries of the pandemic is the environment. In traditional communication means and social networks one finds photographs intending to show world recovery through images of flora and fauna returning to urban areas and a reduction in pollution levels.

The narrative, however, is not that simple. In this global politics, changing economies, and industrial interests cross-road, the environment may not benefit as much as we would like to believe. In reality, and facing the probability of a deep world recession, the consequences could be dire.

Now, we have the opportunity to ask difficult questions, make even tougher decisions, and ultimately, rebuild the global economy in a sustainable manner. The chat, held in English, is based on the article “Why COVID-19 will not be ‘Good’ for the environment, published in the e-International Relations digital portal. The chat features participation by the author, Andrew Heffernan, PhD candidate at the Political Studies Department, University of Ottawa, Canada.

The Externado Language Area invites all the academic community to participate in the event.