Academic Webinar: “Fourth industrial revolution, employment, and education. Where does COVID-19 leave us? ”

Fecha: 25 of february of 2021

Hora: 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Lugar: Plataforma Virtual Zoom

The pandemic has challenged societies and individuals with multiple changes, including rapid adaptation to a new lifestyle that, in some cases, drives technological development and accelerates the use of tools, applications, and methods for learning and job performance.

However, it also has revealed the inequality and imbalances between and within countries, situations that have even increased. Therefore, the pandemic goes beyond being a health problem; it is increasingly a social and economic issue leading to significant decisions to recover part of what has been lost.

Understanding the dynamics of change is not an easy task. It requires more analytical and practical inputs to facilitate transformation processes and identify opportunities. The traditional education model tends to be transformed. Thus, the event will introduce the FIGRI CHAIN ​​program, an academic offer adjusted to these new realities, more flexible and executive.

This offer impacts various training fields, such as finance, where spaces are opened for financial and economic analysis. Practical tools are provided to meet today’s grand challenges and address technology integration for financial and business decision-making that maximizes projects and investments profitability in uncertain environments.

In the government and public policies areas, the training offered seeks to transform the social with leadership, in a sustainable way and with a managerial vision. International relations provide concepts and tools that facilitate understanding international events, from a critical analysis around the main dynamics we face today.

Guest panelist:

Gonzalo Ordóñez Matamoros, director of the Center for Research and Special Projects, Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty.

We invite you to learn about the School of Art, Culture, and Languages’ offer, which handles soft skills issues, connects individuals with themselves and their environment and delves into language training.

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