Virtual informative session: “Virtual Certification in Cooperation, Project Management, and Financing for Development”

Fecha: 3 of february of 2021

Hora: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Lugar: Plataforma Virtual Zoom

The Finance, Government, and International Relations Faculty invites all interested to register and participate in the virtual session addressing the online program details.

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About the Certification:

Registration opens: January 28, 2021

Course starting date: March 2021

This proposal for a virtual Certification in Cooperation, Project Management, and Financing for Development is supported by the trajectory and recognition of the Specialization in International Cooperation and Project Management for Development founded in 1994, which, combined with dynamic curricular content, has been at the forefront of the matter’s evolution.

Duration: 120 hours – spread over 12 weeks.


Provide students with practical tools for project management and obtaining international cooperation resources for development.

Directed to: Local and departmental government and planning managers, cooperation managers in the territories, academics, and civil society members interested in deepening their knowledge and acquiring new tools for development cooperation project management.


100% virtual – 12-week program, accompanied by experts.

The virtual classrooms feature audiovisual material, readings, infographics, and live lectures, complemented by students’ active participation in different discussion forums.


$ 2,500,000 pesos

* Externadista community members will obtain a discount.


  1. Formulation of social projects and development cooperation (60 hours): Module focused on providing practical tools for the fundamental, participatory, and coherent formulation of projects for development. Students will find a first part designed for the identification and formulation of projects (40 hours), and a second part for preparing proposals (20 hours).
  2. Development Funding (60 hours): Learn, in general, the country’s institutional structure to familiarize the student with various strategies for raising and sustainably managing resources.


A Certificate of Attendance will be sent to each participant’s email after completing the course.