International Organizations, the use of force, and International Law

Date: 13 of june of 2018

Time: 8:30 am - 1:00 pm

Place: H 501

The Master’s in International Affairs program is holding a Conference offered by international experts to discuss the role of international organizations in complex contexts of the current international system, its constraints, opportunities, and challenges.

The International Law Association (ILA), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Master’s in International Affairs (MIA) of the Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations, invite the Externadista community to the Conference “International organizations, the use of force, and International Law.”  The event features participation by international experts Alexandra Harrington and Martin Faix from the ILA, and Juan Manuel Bravo, representing the ICRC. Also participating are Master’s in International Affairs professors Mario Urueña and Heidi Abuchaibe, as well as María del Pilar Venegas of ILA.

The central theme will be to reflect on the challenges international organizations face, due to the use of force, to protect human rights, promote peace, and the effectiveness of the governance systems created for these purposes.

The meeting comprises two discussions panels. In the first, Dr. Faix will offer the Conference “International Organizations and Human Rights” seeking to identify gaps in the applicable Law to determine responsibilities and solutions to the use of force.

The second panel will delve into the role of International organizations facing the use of force; Dr. Harrington will offer the key conference. This part will address how despite numerous mechanisms established to promote peace and security throughout the world, international organizations still face a conflict of a nature so deep it cannot be resolved through diplomacy, good practices, or other mediation methods.

At the conclusion of the panels, a space for questions and discussion will open, moderated by the Externado professors and María del Pilar Venegas.

Event Agenda

8:30-9:00: Installation and welcome.

9:00-9:40: Conference “International Organizations and Human Rights” (Dr. Martin Faix)

9:40-10:50: First Discussion Panel

  • Dr. Martin Faix -International Law Association (ILA)
  • Dr. Juan Manuel Bravo -ICRC (An approach to the role of the ICRC in the development of International Law and the challenges of the future.)
  • Dr. Heidi Abuchaibe -Director of FIGRI Postgraduates and Master’s in International Affairs (MAI) Professor.

10:50-11:00: Break

11:00-11:40: Conference – International organizations and the use of force (Dr. Alexandra Harrington)

11:40-12:50:  Second Discussion Panel

  • Dr. Alexandra Harrington- International Law Association (ILA)
  • Dr. Mario Urueña – Master’s in International Affairs (MAI) Professor
  • Dr. María del Pilar Vanegas – International Law Association (ILA)