Forum – Colombia in the face of the Paris Agreement: Climate Change and Environmental Licensing

Fecha: 5 of september

Hora: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Lugar: AUH -201

The Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations and the National Environmental Licensing Authority invite to the event.

Colombia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement now reaches its fourth anniversary. Our country was the first in South America to do so.

As is known, the agreement was to commit the 195 member countries of the United Nations to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through mitigation, adaptation, and resilience of ecosystems, to face Climate Change.

In Colombia, several entities have worked in this direction, including the National Environmental Licensing Authority, understanding the urgency of incorporating the considerations of the Paris Agreement, as well as the inclusion of mitigation for reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the selection of low-carbon options.

In this sense, the Faculty’s Masters in Management for Development Program and the National Environmental Licensing Authority, seek to generate a dialogue with key players on the challenges and opportunities to strengthen climate change management within the environmental licensing framework. The goal is to improve the environmental planning of national and strategic interest projects from a sustainable development perspective.

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