The Center for Turks and Caucasus Studies, a new scenario for academic cooperation and internationalization

Date: 8 of april of 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Place: Library, First floor

This initiative is an instrument to promote joint research and student and teacher mobility.

Since 2012, the School of Finance, Government and International Relations has been developing academic ties with Turkish universities; as a result, it currently has four active agreements, including visits from dignitaries, student and teacher mobility, and joint publications.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of relations between Colombia and Turkey, the University created the Centre for Turks and Caucasus Studies, an initiative intended to be a permanent observatory of the socio-economic dynamics and integration in that region.

The initiative has received support from the Turkey and Azerbaijan embassies in Bogotá, the Colombian Embassy in Ankara, the Turkish universities Middle East Technical University (METU), University of Ankara, KOÇ University, the University of Anadolu, as well as agencies for cooperation and education promotion, such as MAARIF Foundation and TIKA.

The Center will open with a photo exhibit “Turkey’s open doors” by Santiago Vélez de la Roche, political scientist, who resided in the country for six years, and who, as Colombia Consul, had the opportunity to experience the different faces of modern Turkey.

During the event, the diplomatic missions involved in this project will donate books and films; also, the cycle of Turkish and Azeri cinema will begin with the film “Yol,” directed by Serif Gören, written by the controversial Yilmaz Güney.


8:00 am: Event inauguration by Rector Juan Carlos Henao and Roberto Hinestrosa Rey, Dean of the School of Finance, Government and International Relations.

8:20 to 8:40 am: Words by the Turkey Ambassador, his Excellency Ece Öztürk, and Hamid Zeynalov, Azerbaijan Embassy Chargé d’affaires. Donation of books and films to the Library.

8:50 am: Presentation of the Center’s 2019 Agenda and the opening of the photography exhibit, “Turkey’s open doors.” Professor: Soraya Caro Vargas

9.30: Glass of wine and gastronomic sampling.

11:00 am: Initiation of the Turkish and Azeri cinema cycle with the film “Yol,” directed by Serif Gören.

* Imagen con derechos reservados / Santiago Vélez de la Roche