Debate: “Asphyxiating the Amazonia is condemning the planet

Fecha: 27 of september

Hora: 10:30 am - 1:00 pm

Lugar: A-100 TEATRO

The Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty invites the Externadista community and all interested in the topic to participate in the event. No advance registration is required.

The recent months’ forest fires in the Amazon have sparked an intense debate on the responsibility of the governments that share this area, as well as the actions they should take for its protection, preservation, and defense.

Voices of non-state entities, international agencies, and other governments, demand the countries sharing the border to take urgent and more determined measures to protect the global public good.

Is the protection of the Amazonia a question of sovereignty? Should an international protection status be conferred? What has been lost and what is at stake? These and other questions will be discussed at the event.


Bienvenida e instalación:

Dr. Roberto Hinestrosa Rey, Decano Facultad de Finanzas, Gobierno y Relaciones Internacionales

Presentación: La Amazonia Colombiana como entidad “sujeto de derechos”.

· Martha Isabel Gómez-Lee, docente-investigadora de la Facultad de Finanzas, Gobierno y Relaciones Internacionales.


· Rosa Duro, docente-investigadora de la Facultad de Finanzas, Gobierno y Relaciones Internacionales.

Panelistas invitados:

· Diana Castellanos Méndez, Directora Territorial Amazonía.
Parques Nacionales Naturales de Colombia

· Andrew Ford (Por confirmar), Director Departamento de Diplomacia Económica.
Fondos de Cambio Climático
Embajada Británica en Bogotá

· Camilo Guio Rodríguez, Director Fundación Gaia Amazonzas.

· Carolina Gil, Directora Programa Colombia Amazon Conservation

· Beethoven Herrera, docente-investigador de la Universidad Externado de Colombia.