Political Marketing International Congress

Fecha: Of 5 to 6 of april

Hora: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Lugar: Auditorio Principal

In light of the upcoming 2019 local elections, consultants, academics, and political strategists will share their knowledge and experience in political campaign management and effective communication.

To achieve a successful campaign, it is imperative for the candidates and their teams to have ample knowledge on the research, management, and communication techniques utilized in the design, implementation, and management of a political campaign.

The second Political Marketing International Congress (CIMP) offers a space designed for those seeking popular election positions, leaders and members of political parties, campaign work teams, political consultants, public opinion researchers, journalists, publicists, and all interested in political communication. At the event, recognized, consultants, and academics will present technical tools, adjusted to the conditions, allowing planning, developing, and running successful political campaigns.

Among the guests are Ismael Crespo Martínez, Angel Beccassino, Jorge Sandoval, and Luciana Panke. Each will make a presentation based on the Congress structure, campaign planning, development, and execution.

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