Conference “Populism and leadership in Latin America”

Date: 04 of september

Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Place: H 201

The Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty will host a conference where professors, experts, and invited authors will discuss the topic.

The “Populism and leadership in Latin America” Conference is held within the Center of Studies Freedom and Peace Conference Cycle being carried out at different universities and spaces in Colombia. The Center works for the defense and promotion of civil liberties, free market and entrepreneurship, limited Government, tax reduction, and public spending, among others.

The main panelists at the event are Javier Garay, Professor of the Finance, Government and International Relations Faculty and researcher at the Center for Research and Special Projects; Angie González, academic coordinator of the Specialization in Political Marketing and Campaign Strategies, and author of several publications on Political Communication. The special guest is Antonella Marty, Advisor at the Senate of the Argentina Nation; researcher at different centers of thought and author of the book “Lo que todo revolucionario del Siglo XXI tiene que saber” (What every 21st century revolutionary needs to know), among other academic and journalistic publications.

In addition to a short presentation of her book, with the preface written by Álvaro Vargas Llosa and the prologue by Carlos Alberto Montaner, Marty will discuss, with Javier Garay and Angie González, topics such as why populism is a recurrent phenomenon in Latin America and how it is expressed from Political Marketing.

The invitation to the event is open to all members of the Externado academic community and all interested in discussing these issues.