Conference – International Strategic Management: features of new generation executives

Fecha: 28 of june of 2018

Hora: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Lugar: Lugar: por confirmar

The talk will be offered by Juan Diego Alzate, an expert in international business executive training, strategic planning, and business modeling. He aims to offer a state of the art vision on strategic design for companies.

Today, business challenges are varied and difficult to navigate. An executive’s vision and training can be determinant in developing a successful strategy to face these challenges; but, what are the characteristics a modern executive must have?

When starting, small businesses rely on the talent of its creator, while multinational companies turn to executives with the best academic training to head the organization.

Indeed, a company’s success or failure may be intimately connected with its executives’ strategies; their ability to anticipate the company’s needs and foresee the difficulties they may encounter at a given time.  Certainly, many factors may play a role in formulating an appropriate strategy, such as academic education, personal training and even could be, simply, a matter of talent.

Juan Diego Alzate is a Professor of the Specialization in International Business and International Logistics of the Faculty of Finance, Government and International Relations. His analyses center on the traits an executive must have to design the future of his organization. In this sense, we consider a series of questions to guide the discussion – how is it done? What are the characteristics of an executive today? Is it a talent, science, or art process?

From the design of a future situation or vision to the action mechanisms, this talk makes a strategic taxonomy. In the end, attendees will have a mind map of state of the art modern strategic thinking.

Admission to the Conference is open to all interested in this topic, with or without previous experience in company strategic design.