I National Research Meeting and VII Education Sciences Research Meeting

Date: 25 of may of 2019

Time: 7:30 am - 1:30 pm

Place: D-200 AUDITORIO

The event is held in partnership with the Institute for Educational Research and Educational Development - IDEP.

The I National Research Meeting and the VII Education Sciences Research Meeting, whose motto is “Educate to create, recreate, and transform the world,” is held within the framework of the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Externado de Colombia Education Sciences Faculty.

Those interested in participating will find workshops and symposia relating to the need to change, re-imagine, and recreate the role teachers must play in the construction of new realities.

The event is a call for reflection and awareness on where today’s realities are inspired and the processes producing them, to initiate actions humanizing educational actors’ relationships with themselves, each other, and the environment.


7:30 am – Registration

8:00 am – Installation

8:30 am – Workshops

· Master Soul – SER – teaching faculty

· Feel, dream, and act

11:00 am – Launching of publications

1:30 am – Colloquia

· Post-conflict and peace culture

· Human development and values

· Didactic proposals

· Evaluation and education

· Technology and education

· 1:30 pm – Conclusion