Webinar: Reflections on Sports Law 2.0

Hora: 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Lugar: Zoom Virtual Platform and Facebook Live

The Constitutional Law Department of the Universidad Externado de Colombia, Futbolete and SportsBiz Colombia will hold this important event.

For the fascination of sports enthusiasts and committed to the necessary professionalization of the industry and the sports sector in the country, this academic space is presented to reflect on various topics that mix law and sport.

The students of the Intensification of Sports Law of the Universidad Externado de Colombia, within the framework of the academic program of the subject, will carry out this activity as a result of their formative process during the semester, in which they will address different topics of modern sport, with the purpose of generating useful reflections (legal and sports), and interact with the interested public.

The topics to be presented are:

· NFL Draft

– Santiago Aponte

– Juan Rojas

– Juanita Arias

· Sports Betting

– Julio Mario Anaya

– Edgar Andrés Cañón

– Alfredo Bueno Vence

– David Santiago Sanchez

· NBA Free Agency

– Jean Carlos Cendales

-Diego Castañeda

-Daniela Castellanos

-Daniela Avila

· Genetic doping

– Mariana Puentes

-Ana Peña

-Nicolas Romero

-Valentina Pinzón

· eSports

– Daniel Contreras

-Maria Valenzuela

-Andrea Bejarano

-Laura Vasquez

-Daniel Zuluaga

-Juan Camilo Sarmiento

-Nicolas Prada

– José Solórzano

– Juan Machado

· Gender equity

– Natalia Cortés

– Nirvana Torres

– Mariana Gaviria

– Alejandra Cabrera

– Angie Vargas


· Félix Andrés Burgos Méndez, professor and researcher in Sports Law, Universidad Externado de Colombia.

· Álvaro Murgueitio, Sport marketer, Director of Futbolete Media Lab and SportBiz Colombia.