Webinar: The role of women in the mining energy sector. Roles, gender equity, inclusion, and commitments

Hora: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Lugar: Virtual room, advance registration

The Externado Mining-Energy Law Department invites to participate in this webinar with participation by national and international panelists.

Women in the mining-energy sector have an important role, cross-cutting all industry areas, from basic activities to making the most critical decisions. Today, equitable participation by both genders is relevant at all levels of society.

It is imperative to work in this sense in the mining, electricity, and hydrocarbon sectors, as they have great professional women with skills and knowledge who, with their work, contribute to the progress and evolution of the above sectors.

Gender diversity in this area is key for innovation and growth in the industry. Thus, in this academic space, we will convene eminent professionals from different Ibero-American countries who will participate in the web conference and talk about roles, gender equity, women’s participation, inclusion, and commitments. Our goal is to make visible the influential work that women carry out in the mining-energy sectors’ growth and future.

Registration at e-mail: luis.bustos@uexternado.edu.co (space is limited). The link to access the meeting will be sent to those registered.

Moderator: Ana Paola Gutiérrez Rico (Colombia)


· Pilar Rodríguez Ibáñez (Mexico)

· Juanita De la Hoz Herrera (Colombia)

· Carmen Elena Pineda Colorado (El Salvador)

· María Antonieta Merino Taboada (Peru)

· Paola Bermúdez Roldán (Ecuador)

· Nuria Encinar Arroyo (Spain)

· Clarissa Brandao Kowarsk (Brazil)