Discussion on Fraud Prevention: “The risk of corruption in decision-making”

Fecha: 4 of december

Hora: 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Lugar: E-103

The Externado Center for Studies in Risk and Insurance (CERS), the National Institute for Research and Fraud Prevention (INIF), and the Externado Public Accounting Faculty invite to the second part of the Conference offered by expert Rafael Sarmiento Lotero.

The speaker is an economist from the Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, with a Masters in Environmental Economics from the University Louvain La Neuve (Belgium); an MBA from Norwich University (United States); a Masters and PhD in Financial Economics from the University of Lyon 2 (France), and a PhD in Finance from Zurich Management University (Switzerland). He is a professor at the Externado, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad del Rosario, and the University of Lyon 2. Currently, he is the Manager of Tylin International.

This conference is part of the talks cycle reflecting on risk culture and the prevention of fraud, within the framework of the agreement with the INIF and the Accounting Faculty. In the talk series, industry specialists, national and international academics, undergraduate and graduate students, and alumni of the programs offered by the Risk and Insurance Department discuss topics related to the insurance industry and Integral Risk Management.

In light of the importance of the above issues and the contingency that forced the first part of the conference “The risk of corruption in decision-making” to be cut short on October 24, 2018, due to the National Emergency Response Drill, the three institutions scheduled a new meeting to continue the conference.

This meeting is an opportunity to address the topics left on the table. The three institutions believe it is particularly important to consolidate, inside society, a culture of risk and anti-fraud behavior.

Those interested in attending may register by sending an email to espseguros@uexternado.edu.co no later than December 3, 2018. Space is limited.