International Seminar – Integrity and public ethics: Spanish and Colombian experiences

Date: 24 of march of 2020

Time: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Place: AUH 202

The Seminar is held by the Administrative Law Department and the I+D research project, “The fight for ethics and against corruption: employment and contracting in the public sector, urban planning, and promotion of local powers.”

Corruption is an evil that has spread transversely and horizontally in today’s societies, in underdeveloped countries, as well as those with the highest development level. It is one of the great and polyhedral problems that need to be seriously addressed.

There is no single remedy to eradicate it and, thus far, the formulas adopted, internationally and nationally, formulate a series of “concoctions” integrating the different measures that have been proven effective against it. Among them, the commitment to transparency, purification and control of conflict of interests, citizen participation, control of interest groups, creation of independent bodies for the control and prosecution of corruption and bad practices cases, strengthening of the sanctioning systems, all within a framework of dissemination and implementation of the concepts of integrity.

In this sense, and the significant relevance in Ibero-America of the problem posed by irregular actions in the public sector, the Seminar, co-financed by the Government of Spain and the European Union, focuses on a positive vision on the battle against irregular behaviors in public activities – transparency, and public ethics, the means and instruments to make them effective and the administrative responsibilities involving irregular public employees’ behaviors.

Free admission with advance registration