International Seminar on Railway Infrastructure

Fecha: 8 of may

Hora: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

Lugar: D-604 (Auditorio)

According to the 2018 Global Competitiveness Report on railway services, Colombia ranks 120 among 140 countries, with 90 percent of its railway's corridors abandoned or underused. This situation adversely affects the competitiveness and productivity of the various sectors of the Colombian industry and hampers the creation of incentives for foreign investment in our country.

Facing this scenario, the national Government recently presented the “Revitalization of rail transportation as an engine for development of the regions” Plan, seeking to devise and implement a Master Rail Plan, issued by law – governing railway infrastructure, as well as prioritize an annual appropriation for railways of not less than five percent of the Nation’s General Budget.

Additionally, public policies in this matter, in particular, the current railway infrastructure projects, such as the Bogotá metro and the Tren de Cercanías de la Sabana (RegioTram) will be analyzed.

Given the importance of this issue, the Externado de Colombia University, through its Transport and Transportation Infrastructure Law Department, invites the academic community, businesses, and entities responsible for the rail sector inspection and regulation, to participate in the event.

The seminar features participation by national and international experts.

Cost: (COP)

* Full rate: 200,000

* Externado graduates and postgraduate students: 100,000

* Groups of three or more persons: 150,000

* Undergraduate students at other universities: 80,000

* Externado undergraduate students: 50,000