Seminar: “Exogenous information. Requirements for 2019”

Fecha: 10 of april

Hora: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Lugar: AUH 202

The event invites the public and private sectors to participate in the analysis of the methodological and regulatory support of exogenous information, as well as its usefulness and applicable technical aspects.

The Tax Law Department and its Externadista Center for Fiscal Studies (CEEF) invite all interested to this seminar, headed by Luis Aníbal Díaz, former officer of the National Taxes and Customs Office, who has more than 17 years of experience in the handling and analysis of exogenous information.

Today, the current budget and economic deficit due to the Colombian State’s low revenues and high levels of informality and evasion, are the challenges the tax authority faces to increase revenue levels.

Exogenous information is, therefore, an essential instrument, as it becomes conclusive proof in taxation and control processes. The proper way to report information can make the difference in any claim before the DIAN.

Exogenous information is the data individuals and companies must submit periodically to the DIAN, according to the resolution issued, to comply with the constitutional duty of contributing to the financing of State expenditures and investments. On this basis, the Tax Administration conducts studies and cross-checks the information necessary for proper tax control and compliance with other functions within its competence, including those relating to commitments contained in trade agreements and tax treaties signed by Colombia.

The subject lends itself to difficulties from technological, technical, legal, and practical points of view. Thus, information reporting, at times, could be an administrative waste, as many taxpayers do not have the skills to perform the task more efficiently. Those interested must register at