International Law and Global Governance Seminar: Applicable law in investment arbitration

Date: 2 of august of 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Place: Por confirmar

The purpose of the event is the launching of the book “El derecho aplicable en el arbitraje de inversión. La tensión con el derecho interno” (Applicable Law in investment arbitration. Tension with Domestic Law), written by Alejandro Linares-Cantillo, Constitutional Court Judge.

The seminar will address regulatory scenarios that, currently, radiate the application of legislation by international arbitration courts to significantly resolve disputes between foreign investors and the State.

The Masters in International Economics Law and the Masters in International Public Law Programs invite to the academic meeting.

Free admission with advance registration.


Lisa Sachs, Columbia University, N.Y.

Alejandro Linares, Constitutional Court Judge

Nicolás Palau, Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism (to be confirmed)

Camilo Gómez, Director, National State Legal Defense Agency (to be confirmed)

María Angélica Cruz, Adviser, Ministry of Transportation

Maciej Zenkiewicz, visiting Professor, Toruniu University

María Angélica Burgos, Javeriana University

Magdalena Correa, Externado de Colombia University

Wilfredo Robayo, Externado de Colombia University

José Manuel Álvarez, Externado de Colombia University