Seminar – “Regulatory challenges of the new business models in the digital era”

Date: 20 of february of 2020

Time: 8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Place: D-604 (Auditorio)

The seminar, organized by the Constitutional Law Department Research Line on Human and Business Rights and the Computer Law Department, aims to understand the new business models and how organizations are responding to the digital economy phenomena.

Within the globalization phenomenon framework, the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” has emerged, as a stage of convergence in which production factors are transformed to engender the “digital economy” that, without a doubt, has an impact on society and its rights. Here, complex challenges arise regarding the relationship between digital organizations and the prevalence of human rights. One of these challenges is how to regulate these new business models.

Under this backdrop, the seminar is organized to understand the new business models, organizations’ responses to the digital economy phenomena, the effects on rights, particularly the right to work in an increasingly digitalized society, and proposals for government regulation or policies. Thus, four central points of discussion are proposed:

· New business models within the framework of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

· The labor future in the digital age

· The regulation paradox in collaborative economies

· The creative industries phenomenon and their legal challenges


· Jorge Bejarano (Professor, Computer Law Department); Samuel Hoyos (Asomovil); Irene Velandia (Google); María Fernanda Quiñones (Colombian Electronic Commerce Chamber); Juan Rozo Rengifo (Rappi), and Alejandro Goyes Viteri (Cabify).

· Julián Tole (Professor, Constitutional Law Department); Rodrigo Lara (author of the digital work proposed bill; Italo Cardona (ILO Office), and Sol Calle (Externado University).

· Wilfredo Robayo (Constitutional Law Department); Edwin Ballesteros (author of the Proposed Bill on intermediary private transportation service); Carlos Lugo (CRC); Julián Tole (Latin American Observatory on Human and Business Rights), and Daniel Castaño (Professor, and consultant).

· Patricia Lozano (Director of Communications, Externado U.); Linda Patiño (Author of the book “Qué diablos hacen los influencers?) (What the hell do influencers do?); Brenda Salas (Externado University); Ernesto Orozco (CRC), Jorge Acosta (Noticias Uno).

* The Externado de Colombia University reserves the right to make changes to the proposed schedule and agenda. Thanks in advance for all the work.