Can open collaboration strengthen legitimacy in the Constitution building process in stable democracies?

Date: 9 of march of 2018

Time: 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Place: E-207

Invited by several departments of the Law Faculty, of which he is a graduate, Carlos Bernal Pulido, Constitutional Court Judge, will offer a Conference on a paper he developed on this issue.

Constitutional open collaboration creates opportunities and challenges. It opens new possibilities for participation by individuals and groups previously excluded from deliberation in the constitutional construction processes, and for expression of political preferences and decisions.

It can also increase the autonomy, equality, and transparency in these processes. However, at the same time, these types of strategies create the challenge of setting restrictions ensuring these possibilities and guaranteeing relevant actors participate in a meaningful way. In the measure the challenge is surmounted, open collaboration may augment legitimacy in constitutional construction processes, said Dr. Bernal Pulido.