Externado University launches the book “Estudios sobre Derecho de Seguros”

Fecha: 27 of february

Hora: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Lugar: Casa Externadista, Building C

The Commercial Law Department invites to the launching of this work, published in homage to Professor Andrés Eloy Ordóñez Ordóñez (deceased).

The collective work is the result of a research project created with the purpose of paying tribute to Emeritus Professor Andrés Eloy Ordóñez Ordóñez, who contributed significantly to the rigorous study of Insurance Law in Colombia and abroad.

By virtue of its usefulness, it is an academic tool of mandatory consultation for scholars in the area, who will find thirteen articles dealing with issues transcending Insurance Law, to the fields of reinsurance and arbitration in insurance and reinsurance. The event is free, with advance confirmation at email tatiana.gaona@uexternado.edu.co


Juan Carlos Henao – Rector, Externado de Colombia University

Saul S. Sotomonte – Director, Commercial Law Department, Externado de Colombia University

Jorge Castaño Gutiérrez – Colombia Financial Superintendent

Juan Manuel Díaz-Granados Ortíz, President of ACOLDESE