Globalization in the international scene

Fecha: 24 of april

Hora: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Lugar: I 403

The Business Law Department invites all interested in the topic to the conference offered by Professors Beethoven Herrera Valencia and Eric Tremolada.

Until quite recently, the globalization process throughout the world seemed it could not turn back.  However, the direction the United States President Trump is taking the economy, and other events, have triggered a war between the different economic blocs, which could lead to an eventual stagnation of commercial dealings.

To analyze the challenges this new scenario presents to the globalization process, the Business Law Department invited Professors Beethoven Herrera Valencia and Eric Tremolada to address the possible repercussions of these trends from an economic and legal point of view.


Eric Tremolada

Externado de Colombia Law graduate, with a Law PhD from the University of Valencia: “Integration of Andean law in the Colombian legal system.” DEA in International Law and International Relations, Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Instituto Universitario Ortega y Gasset. Master in Analysis and Management of Science and Technology, University Carlos III de Madrid. Has a Specialization in Constitutional Law and Political Science from the Center for Constitutional Studies in Madrid. Master in Advanced International Studies from the Society of International Studies, Spain.

Beethoven Herrera Valencia

Economist, with a Master’s in International Political Economics; PhD with honors, in Economics from the Political Studies Institute of Paris. Universidad Nacional Emeritus Professor; member of the Colombian Academy of Economic Sciences of Colombia. External consultant to ILO – UN, and columnist for newspapers and journals, such as Portafolio.

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