National Culture, Memory, and Reconciliation Forum 201

Date: 31 of july of 2019

Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Place: A-100 TEATRO

The Constitutional Law Department invites the community to participate in the Forum. Admission is free of charge

The Externado de Colombia University, the International Cinema Festival of the Victims of the Conflict, the Truth Commission, and the Cundinamarca Agency for Peace and Post-conflict, invite to the event. The National Culture, Memory, and Reconciliation Forum 2019 will screen two audiovisual productions on the symbolic reparation and historical memory.

The event aims to generate a space allowing demonstrating culture and ICTs contribution to the reconciliation and memory processes. Also, to generate dialectic among attendees’ experiences in the area of culture/memory, test the contribution of the audiovisual projection (film) to the symbolic reparation and construction of historical memory, and promote the creation of historical memory spaces and leadership in the development of social fabric.

In addition to the audiovisual projection, the event features a discussion group with participation by Professors Yolanda Sierra León (Externado de Colombia University) and César Oliveros Aya (Universidad Militar Nueva Granada), together with Roberto Maya, Manager of the Cundinamarca Agency for Peace and Post-conflict. They will address culture as a maximizing factor of the dynamics of the construction of historical memory and science, and ICTs as a tool for the construction of the social fabric.