Forum: Legal effects in personnel recruitment

Date: 27 of march of 2019

Time: 7:30 am - 12:30 pm

Place: D-604 (Auditorio)

What could happen, legally speaking, when a company decides to recruit a professional associated with its competition?

The Constitutional, Economics, and Labor Law Departments, together with the Intellectual Property Department, will present research on the “legal effects in personnel recruitment processes.” The work addresses legal perspectives, the problematics surrounding it, and possible solutions.

Taking into account competition among business organizations is associated not only with attracting consumers, but also the search for the best human talent, the hiring of employees or contractors, or taking over competitors’ customers, can result in disputes regarding constitutional rights, the right to work, intellectual property, and unfair competition.  Particularly, disputes regarding resources, facilities, an individuals’ knowledge and expertise, having implications in various disciplines of the Law.

The Forum will have a presentation of each of the legal disciplines involved in these issues, featuring comments from experts in each field; thus enriching the debate and enhancing the research process.

Free admission with advance registration at email