Conference: Negotiating as a mechanism to increase value

Date: 13 of june

Time: 7:30 am - 9:30 am

Place: H 202

Fifty percent of an executive’s time is spent negotiating with members of his own department, other corporate units, and, of course, with representatives from other companies.

Why attend?

The talk, held within the framework of the launching of the Senior Management in Corporate Negotiation Program, is directed to entrepreneurs wishing to sharpen their negotiation skills. The chat will address different negotiation tactics, with the primary aim to educate attendees on ways to increase the value of transactions in which they are involved, addressed with a practical and innovative methodology.

In 2018, nearly USD 11,010 came into the country through foreign investment, companies with capital investments in sectors such as petroleum, financial, transportation, storage, communication, trade, and hotels and restaurants. Cases such as the Hewlett Packard investment in the Service Center in Medellin and the over US$ 12 million of Arkoaseo in Mosquera, were handled within complex negotiation processes allowing the different stakeholders to integrate into the country’s social and economic benefit.

Leading these negotiation processes requires technical knowledge, specialized and focused on the creation of value, with a holistic view of the interest groups involved.


· Armando Duarte, attorney, with a Business Administration option from the Universidad de los Andes, is a double degree graduate from the Harvard Negotiation Institute.

· Luis Alfonso Gómez is an Externado University Law graduate, CCB conciliator, Rincon-Cuellar Law firm associate, and professor-researcher at the Department of Business Law.

Learn more about the Senior Management in Corporate Negotiation Program HERE.