Conference: Business ethics and attorneys: A long way to go

Date: 6 of september of 2018

Time: 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Place: E-202

The Business Law Department invites all interested to the conference held within the framework of the 2018 "The Company" Conference cycle.

Colombia ranks 90 among 176 in the international transparency ranking; it is estimated that about 50 billion pesos are lost every year due to corruption. This troublesome situation has led the most prestigious universities in the country to question the ethics among entrepreneurs and, in particular, lawyers.

The coordination area of the Specialization in Business Law  (program with open registration), in its efforts to continue being a leader in the training of entrepreneurs in legal management, will offer, to the general public, the conference “Business ethics and attorneys: A long way to go.”  The conference will discuss the major corruption cases at the national level and will answer the question: What is the expected behavior of people in business and attorneys to cope with the business corruption problem in Colombia, also considering the influence of Anglo-Saxon Law?


  • Roberto Insignares
  • Melba Rocío Pérez
  • Yesmina Morales