Conference: Infrastructure Construction Contracts: Modifications for unforeseen physical circumstances

Fecha: 5 of december

Hora: 7:00 am - 9:30 am

Lugar: E-302

The Externado Center for Studies in Risk and Insurance (CERS)), invites the entire academic community to the Conference offered by an expert on the subject, Freddy Cabarcas Gómez.

The Conference is the result of the research project developed by Doctor Cabarcas as a student of the Masters in Civil Liability and Compensatory Damages at our House of Studies.  His work will be published by the Externado Publishing House.

The speaker is an Externado de Colombia Law graduate, with extensive experience in administrative and contractual processes. Additionally, he has a Specialization in State and international contracting, a Master’s in Law with emphasis on contractual and non-contractual, civil, and State responsibility. Currently, he is an independent consultant and University Professor.

This lecture series is part of the Center for Studies in Risk and Insurance meetings, where industry experts, national and international academics, students and graduates of the Department programs, discuss current issues relating to the Integral Risk Management and Insurance sector.