Study Center: Collusion in public tenders as a restrictive practice of competition

Date: 5 of november of 2019

Time: 7:00 am - 9:00 am

Place: I 708

Expert Colombian attorneys will discuss this regional policy with a Commissioner of Mexico's Federal Economic Competition Commission.

In recent years, in our country, the fight against corruption has become a public policy transverse to all state activity, especially in the area of protection of free economic competition as a constitutional right of all Colombians.

The above is why our competition authority’s battle against collusion in public contracting processes seems to be increasingly stronger and more combative. However, this task is no stranger to other competition authorities in the region, where corruption has been a common denominator.


Dr. Alejandro Faya Rodríguez, Commissioner COFECE – Mexico

Dr. Carlos Esguerra Cifuentes, Competition Law consulting attorney

Dr. Mauricio Velandia Castro, Professor, Economic Law Department, consulting attorney


Dr. David Toro Ochoa, Professor, Economic Law Department

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