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Cultural Program without borders at the library

Fecha: 22 of february

Time: 12:00 am

Externadista Cinema Club

The Cultural Decanatura, the Externado Library, and the Interdisciplinary Studies Department invite to the introduction of Cultural Notebook No. 9, Memorias del Club de Cine Externadista – Más allá de la pantalla, 2008-2015 (Memories of the Externadista Cinema Club – Beyond the screen, 2008-2015). The presentation will be held at the Library, Room 1, on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, at 12 noon.

In this Cultural Notebook, Mauricio Laurens analyzes, in 360 pages, 185 feature films screened over the past eight years for the Externadista community. Laurens divides the text into 14 chapters or half-yearly cycles and, didactically contextualizes each film and the 138 directors, which, in the words of Hugo Chaparro Valderrama, prologue writer and author, constitutes “a disciplined and rigorous approach to the phenomenon represented in film.” Also, Luz Marina Pava states that Memories of the Externadista Cinema Club not only invites to take a voyage in time, but to tour an undetermined content which, possibly, affects the way we think and act.”

Memorias del Club de Cine Externadista – Más allá de la pantalla, 2008-2015, is the continuation of a previous publication, Enfoques de película (Approaches to film), published in 2008, in commemoration of the Club’s 15th anniversary.  Mauricio Laurens, author of the Cultural Notebook, is a movie critic and Externado de Colombia cinema professor since 1993 and has been the director of the Club since its inception in 1997. Laurens is also a columnist for El Tiempo Newspaper and director of several radio and television programs.