Pottery Workshop of possible methodologies in social research

Fecha: 18 of october

Hora: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Lugar: G-701

The Anthropology Program and the Science and Human Processes Interdisciplinary Laboratory (LINCIPH) invite to participate in the first workshop "Ecological, agro-food, and holiday calendars."

How are the life cycles expressed in our experience? What are are ecological, agro-food, and holidays calendars, and how are they created? In what knowledge is it necessary to deepen to construct them? These are some of the questions to be discussed in this space.

The workshop will be guided by professor-researchers Sandra Frieri Gilchrist, of the Psychology Program, and Maria Clara Van Der Hammen of the Anthropology Program, both knowledgeable in the design of agro-ecological calendars. Also, the professors were the winners of the Alejandro Angel Escobar Foundation “Environment and Sustainable Development” Award.

Pottery is a space where different researchers are invited to propose a possibility for sharing with professors, students, and graduates the training they deem necessary, to learn-by-doing. Learning implies careful and conscious work. The workshop is envisioned from the possibility of recognizing the desire to investigate, always from a power, and viewing social as the basic raw material requiring researchers to cultivate knowledge as an artifact.

Space is limited; advance registration

Illustration: Esteban Ardila Platarrueda