Discussion Meeting – The impact of COVID-19 on organizations’ social management. Myths and realities

Date: 20 of november of 2020

Time: 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Place: Zoom

The Social and Human Sciences’ Masters in Business Social Management and the Specialization in Management of Human Development and Business Social Well-being programs, together with the CIDS Economics, Labor, and Society area, invite the Externadista community to this academic space.

The meeting, held within the IV Business Social Management Forum framework, seeks to dialogue, in an interdisciplinary manner, on the impact of the pandemic on organizations’ management and the ways to face individual and business challenges. Tools will be offered for a comprehensive approach to COVID-19 in the business sector, with an integrative perspective.

The talks will cover the following thematic axes and areas of knowledge:

Knowledge Area Topic
Medicine Impact and approach to employees’ physical health

Disease promotion and prevention programs

Epidemiological routes

Management of disabilities

Epidemiological circles

Jurisprudence Legal support to address COVID-19


Psychology Psychosocial approach to family situations, fear, anxiety and depression, work at home, the economy, death, and managing emotions.
Business Social Management From the Business Social Management integral framework (axes: humanistic, economic-political, and organizational), the worker, context, and the company in the face of COVID-19 will be addressed


  • Doctor Carlos Eduardo Moreno Romero
    Medical Professional specialized in Occupational Health, with extensive experience in the management of preventive and occupational medicine processes, occupational health and safety, and occupational medicine.
  • Psychologist María Janneth Cujaban Salinas
    Occupational Health Management Specialist. Has extensive experience identifying, evaluating, analyzing, preventing, and intervention of psychosocial risk factors, university teaching, and research.
  • Psychologist Esperanza Nieto González
    Master in Business Social Management and a Specialization in Occupational Health Management and Human Development Management and Business Social Well-being. She has over 25 years of experience as an independent consultant on psychosocial risk and business well-being issues in different companies of the public and private sectors.
  • Doctor Carlos Ignacio Delgado
    Attorney, specialized in Labor Law and Social Security from the Externado de Colombia University, and a Master’s in Labor Law from the same University. He has been a professor, advisor, consultant, researcher, and head of the Legis Editores Labor Unit for more than 15 years. A compiler of legal works on labor law and social security (physical and electronic media).

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The meeting will also be broadcast on Facebook Live: Externado Postgraduate Social and Human Sciences.