Micro-workshop: create and share presentations online with predesigned templates

Date: 5 of march

Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Place: F-208

Professors attending the event will learn, through the Emaze tool, how to generate different resources engaging students’ attention.

The purpose of the workshop, directed to Externado professors, is to create quick and easy online presentations using predesigned templates, including animation. The interactive presentations allow showing themes dynamically, captivating students’ attention and interest.

Emaze is a tool to redesign PowerPoint presentations in the form of cartoons, using clip art templates in 2D and 3D. Also, it allows adding images, videos, and hyperlinks. With a connection to the Internet as the only requirement, presentations can be accessed from anywhere.

If interested in participating, please register here.

Remember – space is limited.