Collaborative research, networking, and interactions beyond human: Water and digital broadcasting

Fecha: 11 of april

Hora: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Lugar: F-202

Externado Professors and administrative staff are invited to this new session of Brunch + Learning

The goal of this conversation space, guided by Professor Dolly Palacio, is to reflect and exchange experiences arising from the effort to disseminate, by digital media, research processes results.

Dolly Cristina Palacio has a PhD in Development and Environmental Studies and a Master’s in Social Development, Planning, and Management from the University of Wales, United Kingdom. She is an Externado Social Work graduate and associate professor of the Social and Human Sciences Faculty. Currently, she is the Director of the Masters in Planning Studies and a member of the Social Processes, Territories, and Environment Group. Her research interests center on social participation in nature conservation.

Space is limited.