Unesco Chair: Public Policies and Research Workshop

Date: 26 of july of 2019

Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Place: E-202

All interested may participate, with advance registration at e-mail catedraunesco@uexternado.edu.co.

Since its inception, the Unesco Chair has promoted academic research on the guarantee of the rights of the population that has experienced internal forced displacement within the framework of the armed conflict. Additionally, based on the research, the Chair has stimulated the construction of public policy recommendations to make these rights come to fruition.

In that context, the workshop on public policies and research will be devoted to the presentation of experiences and practical tools to help researchers study public policies and propose recommendations from concrete realities and actors.

The workshop, divided into two parts, will be offered by the following professors:

– Methodological tools for the participatory implementation of public policies: The case of intangible cultural heritage policy. – Professor Sandra Frieri.

– Identification, analysis, and public policy recommendations: The researcher as a bridge between society and State. – Professor Fernando Vargas.