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Open Access Challenges: An Academic Perspective

Date: 9 of june of 2022

Time: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Place: Library Room 2 – Digital Zone

The Universidad Externado de Colombia Library presents a cycle of conferences on the use of information for research purposes. This is a space to discuss topics of interest related to the investigation cycle. The conferences are open to the Externadista community and the public.

The aim of the cycle is to offer participants information about open access from an academic perspective; and on how it relates to the globalisation of information and knowledge in science and research.

Guest speaker:

Alejandro Uribe Tirado.

Alejandro Uribe Tirado is a social communicator and journalist, Universidad de Antioquia (also known as UdeA). He is a Doctor of Librarianship and Scientific Documentation, Universidad de Granada (Spain). He holds a Master’s degree in Education Information Engineering (EAFIT University) and is a Specialist in the Management of Information Services, Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA).

Currently, he is a professor at the Interamerican Librarianship School (Escuela Interamericana de Bibliotecología – EIB in Spanish). He also coordinates the ‘Information, Knowledge and Society’ research team, which is attached to the Investigation Centre in Information Science – CINICIF in Spanish, at the same institution.

Guest speaker

Carolina Esguerra Roa

Carolina Esguerra Roa is an economist and received her Master’s in Economics from Universidad Externado de Colombia.

Currently, she is a professor in the drafting and production of texts, and a member of the Research Support Unit, at the same university. In 2004, she was an economic adviser at the Department of National Statistics (DANE). She has also held the following positions at Externado de Colombia: Between 1999 and 2007, she was the publishing coordinator of the Journal of Institutional Economics (Revista de Economía Institucional in Spanish). From 2019 to 2021, she was the director of the Publications Department.

Library Speaker

Camila Gómez Pedraza

Camila Gómez Pedraza is an information and documentation systems, and archivist and librarianship professional, Universidad de la Salle. She is a specialist in the Management of Quality and Innovation Processes, EAN University.

At present, she is the coordinator of innovation and digital resources at the Externado de Colombia Library.


  • The challenges of open access in the world and in Colombia, a paradigm of open science.
  • Open access at Universidad Externado de Colombia.
  • Externadista Digital Library
  • Question and Answer Session

Free event, preregistration HERE