Informative Webinar. Course: Financially preparing for the reopening of the tourism sector

Fecha: 20 of august

Hora: 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Lugar: Online, advance registration

The Tourism and Hotel Business Administration Faculty invites to the conference “Financial tools for the reopening of tourist establishments.”

In complex situations such as the one we are experiencing due to COVID-19, the proper management of company finances becomes more relevant. Now is when we can reap the fruits of good financial health, understand the needs, and take the opportunity to make changes that will not only help cope with the crisis but will also bring benefits when companies reopen.

In this way, tools and some financial keys, such as cash flow, control of fixed and variable expenses, break-even points, impacts of new investments, post-COVID expenses, generation and diversification of income, among others, will be very important to the gradual reopening of the sector.

Speaker: Pedro Ballén

Systems Engineer, Public Accountant, and Financial Administration Specialist, with a 22-year trajectory in hotel and gastronomic activities; 14 years with the French hotel group Accor (in their companies operating in Colombia), and three years with the Colombian chain OxoHotel S.A.S.

He has made a remarkable journey through most positions involving hospitality and gastronomy, from cost auditing, expenditure auditing, head of accounting, to financial administration. He is an independent consultant and instructor Cotelco Nacional, and undergraduate and postgraduate professor at the Externado University Tourism and Hotel Business Administration Faculty.

Learn about key tools to reactivate your business, in the face of the immediate impacts of the pandemic in the tourism sector!