Forum: “Tourism in Land Use Planning: challenges facing territories with tourism vocation”

Fecha: 26 of february

Hora: 8:00 am - 12:30 pm

Lugar: AUH -201

The event is open to the public interested in analyzing, guided by experts, the negative impacts that can be generated in tourism planning processes.

Within the framework of its 45th anniversary, the Externado de Colombia University Tourism and Hotel Business Administration Faculty is organizing several events. The first, held jointly with Cotelco National, will focus on: “Tourism in Land Use Planning: challenges facing territories with tourism vocation.”

This meeting is of vital importance for the country territorial entities. It will provide analysis tools enabling to determine how to incorporate tourism in Land Use Plans, Special Management and Protection Plans, and other development and territorial planning instruments, so their use is regulated, promoting orderly development, and establishing mechanisms to minimize the possible negative impacts generated by tourism in the territories with this vocation.

The event is direct to people in business, entrepreneurs, and other managers and leaders in the private sector: hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, and bars, among others. Participants will obtain tools for key issues on land use regulation and the aspects that may, or may not, apply regarding the location, zoning, and uses described in those instruments.