Conference: Is services management a differentiation and customer loyalty instrument in the tourism industry?

Date: 30 of july of 2019

Time: 8:00 am - 10:00 am

Place: H 308

The Conference will be offered by Pedro Palencia, international services and marketing expert.

The importance of the tourism sector in many countries’ economy and external trade scale, justifies the analysis of strategies promoting improvement in companies’ competitiveness.

The role of marketing is momentous in the implementation of a total quality strategy in the tourism sector. For this, the conference will review the concepts relating to quality and present a conceptual model to describe consumer behavior and establish the points where marketing efforts should be applied. Similarly, real marketing strategies will be depicted, and procedures for the assessment of efforts in the implementation of total quality management will be analyzed.

This Conference will present the tools, strategies, and up to date planning utilized by the tourism sector modern marketing to achieve their business success and profitability.

The following topics, among others, will be addressed:

– Tourism services concept and differential characteristics

– Tourism services consumers

– Application of Marketing Mix to tourist services

– Potential causes of deficiencies in the quality of tourist service

– Customer care and service in the tourism sector

– The five rules of tourist service

– Customer service and tourism service management

– Keys to selling travel services

In short, this conference is a hands-on Marketing and Services Logistics learning experience, applicable to markets and the most significant tourism services in different destinations.

Investment: $70,000 Pesos