Cultural Heritage Studies Professor participated in a Conference in Sweden

William Gamboa, Professor, and Director of the Cultural Heritage Museology Department, attended the Collecting Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), held in Umeå, Sweden. The event, with the theme “Guardians of Contemporary Collecting and Collections, convened professionals from different parts of the world.

Professor Gamboa offered the conference “Bogotá Glass Museum,” an experience of community collecting addressing the importance of participatory processes in the social appropriation of heritage collections.

The above project, developed together with Professor Julián Roa in 2014, addressed a co-creation process of the Glass Museum with the community of La María, the district where the Museum is located.

The project highlighted the development of glass techniques and their relationship with local development and glass conservation as part of the area’s cultural heritage. The project resulted in the opening of the community museum, the community’s active participation in all phases of the construction of the Museum, and the appropriation by the residents of the area.