Unpublished 17th century oil painting of the Coronation of the Virgin Mary discovered

The finding of the students of the Restoration of Easel Painting workshop of the Universidad Externado represents an advance for the conservation of the Cultural Patrimony of the Nation.

On October 8, 2021, in the Easel Painting Restoration Workshop of the Universidad Externado de Colombia, within the framework of a loan agreement with the Colonial Museum, the student María Alejandra Buitrago Prieto, with the support of the teacher Daniella Serrano Serrano, was restoring a painting from the XVII Century, and during the dismantling of the painting, an unpublished work was discovered.

This new piece was hidden on the back of the canvas, serving as a support. The work, which represents the religious scene of the Coronation of the Virgin, is painted in oil on paper, and, curiously, attached to a board.

The state of conservation of the painting is quite precarious, which is why research and restoration work will begin on the property.

This discovery is of great importance, since there is no record of its origin or authorship, making it an unprecedented finding for the Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

In the coming weeks, meetings will be scheduled with the professors of the Faculty of Cultural Heritage Studies in order to catalog and begin the various scientific analyses of the work.

Likewise, the Universidad Externado invites historians, experts and art critics to examine the oil painting in order to obtain more information about its period, dating and technique.