Cooperation Agreement – Externado and the Warren Lasch Conservation Center of Clemson University

The agreement between the Warren Lasch Conservation Center (WLCC) at Clemson University (USA) and the Externado de Colombia Cultural Heritage Studies Faculty - Archaeology Program, focuses on research and training in the conservation of underwater cultural heritage.

The document anticipates the exchange of experiences, as well as research and training collaboration in the study and conservation of submerged archaeological remains, in response to the specific need to develop the infrastructure for the conservation of the material remains of the shipwreck found in the area of Bocachica, Cartagena de Indias. View related article.

The agreement will strengthen training and exchange between students and professionals, through joint research, practices, and internships, based on the transfer of the latest generation knowledge for the preservation of archaeological materials, on land, as well as underwater.

The Warren Lasch Center has been a pioneer in vanguard methods and techniques for conservation of ferrous metals and organic materials from the H. L. Hunley submarine sunk in 1864, as well as materials from coastal forts in North Charleston, USA.

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