Externado Research Project to be Jointly Financed by the Science Ministry and CRC

The initiative entitled, “The impact of audio-visual content consumption habits in areas or municipalities where the Internet signal has reached homes in the last 5 years. Television and platforms usage, changes in consumption, and complementarity or substitution,” was unveiled by the Faculty of Education Sciences and the departments of Business Law and Telecommunications Law.

Within the framework of the Call for applications 908 of 2021 (New knowledge, technological development, and innovation to strengthen the ICT, postal and audio-visual content sectors) 25 projects were proposed. Of these, 11 were approved for joint financing by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Information and the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC).

The project, which was presented by our alma mater, will be implemented for a year. Its overall objective is to understand and promote the dynamics of the digital audio-visual content sector, in relation to the construction, dissemination and provision of content. This is to identify, classify and categorise it and to recognise the impact that the arrival of the Internet has had on the population. Also, to assess whether there has actually been a substitution of the television service, or whether they are complementary, considering local and regional dynamics. A group of municipalities is being approached to participate. This will allow recognizing, locating, and contrasting different realities of users and providers, through field work, considering regulatory and public policy studies and the best practices implemented at the national and international level.

A multidisciplinary team of experts in regulation, audio-visual content, public policies, methodological design, and data analysis was formed for the development of this project. The work team comprises, Luz Mónica Herrera Zapata, Laura González Rozo and Sandra Ortiz Laverde. They are professors from the Department of Telecommunications Law. Also, Mario Ospina from the Department of Constitutional Law; Marco Feria and Alex Buitrago from the Faculty of Education Sciences; and the experts, Cristina Herrera Saavedra, Jaime Andrés Plaza and Sadi Contreras.

This call for applications is the first of its kind to be to be conducted by the Ministry of Science and CRC. Their objective is to support applied research, technological development and innovation projects that contribute to the solution of real problems or needs in the ICT, postal and audio-visual content sectors. Additionally, to have information and tools that allow the improvement of the regulatory processes of these sectors. This is through the generation of new knowledge, innovation and the use of emerging technologies that promote quality, competitiveness, and knowledge of the ecosystem.

The universities that were selected to be co-financed are:

  1. Pontificia Bolivariana University
  2. Catholic University of Pereira
  3. University of Antioquia
  4. Distrital University
  5. Externado de Colombia University
  6. UNAD
  7. Del Rosario University
  8. Konrad Lorenz
  9. Santo Tomas University, Bucaramanga
  10. San Buenaventura University, Cartagena campus