Education Sciences Faculty celebrates its 50th anniversary

Participating in the event were Rector Juan Carlos Henao; Dean Cecilia Dimaté; Father Francisco De Roux, Director of the Commission for Truth; Jorge Reinel Pulecio, Coordinator of the Peace Office of the University of the Amazon, among others.

February 9, 2019, will be remembered as a very special date in the history of the Education Sciences Faculty. That day, the inaugural event of the 50th anniversary took place within the framework of an event gathering the voices of those expressing their admiration and highlighting the work, effort, and the many years of dedication to education in Colombia.

At the inauguration, Externado Rector, Juan Carlos Henao, extolled the importance for the country of the launching of the new line of work in Rural Education.

Afterward, Dean Cecilia Dimaté Rodríguez proudly talked about the training of teachers from various areas of our national territory, who have entrusted their education to our Faculty. Introducing the Rural Education line, she emphasized that our work “represents our commitment to the country, to education, and Colombians.”

Next, Father Francisco De Roux, Director of the Commission for Truth, joined the celebration, pleased by the Externado de Colombia’s initiative to take notice of Colombian peasants, marginalized and victimized due to violence and, moreover, relatively forgotten by an increasingly urban country.

De Roux called out to the educational community and invited to think of new ways of unifying rural areas and the city, with greater opportunities for maintaining peasants on their lands and, in this way, manage to protect the regions, their cultural traditions, and environmental activities.

At the closing, Professor Jorge Reinel Pulecio, Coordinator of the Peace Office of the University of the Amazon, offered a series of reflections on the challenges of education for peace-building in Colombia. He emphasized the significance of the above factors and called for the protection of rural areas benefitting territorial development, considering:

“In the rural sector, the country must deal with life, solidarity, and coexistence projects and that young people and adults enjoy the advantages of the age of globalization, such as new technologies.”

Main event of the 50th anniversary of the Education Sciences Faculty

The Golden Anniversary main event was held on August 29, 2019.

Also, attendees enjoyed a “tiple” soloist concert, featuring traditional Colombian and Latin American music, offered by concert artist Enerith Núñez Pardo.

To close the event, attendees, including the team of teachers, administrators, alumni, and students, shared a glass of wine to express their best wishes to the Faculty, facing our mission, as stated by the Dean:

“We have undertaken this task together with a view to a hopeful, creative horizon, and with the assurance that we will continue to offer the country an education for freedom.”