XIII National Microeconomics Symposium

After twelve editions, this academic meeting has established itself as a space for dialogue between Economics and Microeconomics researchers.

On October 2-3, 2017, the Externado Faculty of Economics will host this important event at our House of Studies. On this opportunity, the event will have participation by over 30 Colombian researchers, from Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Santa Marta, and Bucaramanga.

The central themes of this year’s Symposium are corruption, crime economics, illegal markets, and armed conflict. During the event, recent investigations on these issues will be discussed.

Additionally, the meeting will seek to provide answers, from a microeconomic tools perspective, to questions such as: Why there is so much corruption in Colombia and how can we fight it? What are the armed conflict effects on educational attainment and workforce inclusion? What factors increase crime and what can be done to reduce it?  Also, aside from drug trafficking, what can we learn from other illicit markets?

On the other hand, there will be two keynote conferences offered by Luis Jorge Garay, a renowned researcher on issues such as State capturing and crime networks, who will talk about corruption and organized crime. The other guest is Mauricio Rubio, El Espectador columnist and crime and violence researcher, who will address the new perspectives in crime investigations, emphasizing Interdisciplinarity as a necessary condition for progress.

Also, the Symposium will have panels to discuss topics such as urban mobility, education, and wage differentials.

Dates: October 2-3, 2017

Time: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm

Place: Theater, Block A