The economy viewed from rationality and feelings

With the presence of the author and the Economics Faculty Dean, the work “Sentimientos y racionalidad en Economía” (Sentiments and rationality in Economics), by Professor Jorge Iván González was introduced. A rarely explored and relevant subject.

“This book is the result of a class Professor Jorge Iván González has imparted for many years, and I am honored to present the result.” With these words, Mauricio Pérez, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, initiated an academic ceremony attended by several students and professors interested in this work.

According to the author, “Sentimientos y racionalidad en Economía”  is a text seeking to show that the great masters of Economics have always acknowledged that feelings play an important role in the election process; Therefore, the economic subject goes far beyond the rational homo economicus.

The author also mentioned how at one point in his life, he decided to question himself, seek other viewpoints, and ask questions different from the usual ones. During his speech, he thanked the Academia for the space provided for the development of his work:

“The topics covered in the book were possible thanks to the Externado Faculty of Economics. We managed to create discussion spaces on uncommon topics in the field, and present the results,” added the Professor.

A la charla también asistieron Boris Salazar, Decano de la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Económicas de la

Also attending the meeting were Boris Salazar, Dean of the Universidad del Valle Social Sciences and Economics Faculty; Andrés Álvarez, Universidad de los Andes Faculty of Economics Professor; and Fernando Estrada Gallego, Professor at the Universidad Industrial de Santander School of Economics.

The panelists commended the author’s initiative to address this little-known subject and also agreed the book provides the opportunity to build new imaginaries in the economy producing innovative models contributing to the understanding of current reality. Additionally, they urged students to research deeper into empirical economics, another theme contained in the publication, and enrich this very new topic in Colombia.

“The most important feature of this book is its originality and how it addresses the issue. It is a book presenting something supremely important and also, where several authors of the economy converge,” said Andrés Álvarez.