Economics Graduate, first place in SaberPro Tests

Michael Rivera, an Economics graduate from our House of Studies, was recognized by the Ministry of Education for attaining the best results, at the national level, in these tests.

Michael Rivera earned the best score in the SaberPro 2016, tests, which measure the quality of higher education in the country. The Externado is proud of his excellent performance.

The graduate stated: “I believe this recognition is the result of the teamwork by the administrative, academic, and student bodies.  It is, without a doubt, an important step towards the goal of becoming the country’s most important Economics School.”

For Rivera “economics is a very broad and interdisciplinary science, and as instilled by my professors, it is to be worn.  The knowledge acquired has been very useful, on a daily basis, in my undertaking that is ad portas to hitting the market. The Externado de Colombia University teaching approach has been decisive in achieving my goals. Its high academic demand compels to develop an iron discipline and a broad critical sense.”

Currently, the young Economist is working as an entrepreneur, as he considers there lays the key to the country’s development. His short-term goal is to begin his MBA studies and, in the long- run, be a reference in the business world to disseminate, from his field, the freedom ideas the Externado instilled in him.