XV Annual Intellectual Property Congress

The First Intellectual Property and Disruptive Technologies – Colombia 2019 II Moot Court, will be held within the framework of the Congress, to promote the study and the application of Intellectual Property in current innovative matters.

The Externado Intellectual Property Department invites to the Congress, which will have the theme “Challenges and Trials of the Colombian Fashion Industry within the framework of the Orange Economy.”

On the other hand, the Moot Court consists of a contest of hearings and briefs surrounding a hypothetical case on disruptive technologies, which has already been socialized with the academic community. In September 2019. The Moot will be developed in two stages: first, the contest, with the final audience held at the Congress, and the second phase, which is a contest for the best brief, concluding in April 2020. Check the rules

For its part, the XV Intellectual Property annual Congress will focus its programming on fashion Law and the Orange Economy, topics aimed at fashion entrepreneurs, designers, intellectual property lawyers, economists, entrepreneurs, innovators, and influencers, among others.

This double event has two registration modes:

· Individuals signing up for the Congress only must pay a $100,000 COP registration fee.

· Individuals interested in applying for the Moot Court must pay an enrollment fee of $300,000 COP (including admission to the congress,)