XL International Criminal Law Conference

The Externado de Colombia University Criminal Law Department invites to the traditional event, which this year will have as the main theme "Crisis of Criminal Justice in Colombia." The event will be held August 8, 9, and 10, 2018.

In 2018, the Department marks its forty consecutive years of hosting the traditional International Criminal Law Conference; an event attended every year by recognized national and international speakers.

This theme this year, “Crisis of Criminal Justice in Colombia,” was selected taking into account the country is experiencing multiple problems affecting the justice needs demanded by the population.

International speakers include Professors Martín Wassmer (Germany) and Raúl Núñez Ojeda (Chile), who will address Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law current topics. National guests include participation by outstanding public servants such as Dr. María Paulina Riveros Deputy District Attorney; Dr. Patricia Linares Prieto, President of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace; General Alejandro Barrera, National Police Intelligence Director, among others.

Also participating are prominent national academics, such as Fernando Arboleda Ripoll, Jairo Parra Quijano, Alejandro Ramelli Arteaga, Diego López Medina, Humberto Sierra Porto, and Marcela Abadía Cubillos,  just to mention a few.

The purpose of the Conference is to make an approximation to a diagnosis of the main criminal justice problems in Colombia, ordinary and transitional, and, from there, propose solutions that can be implemented to improve the criminal justice system, through lectures and panel discussions.